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Tips for a successful Black Friday!

Here are some helpful tips from a veteran Black Friday Shopper to help you have the safest most successful Black Friday ever.

* Avoid eating or drinking before you go. The lines to get in are long and they do not have a bathroom!

* DO NOT bring babies or children. Black Friday is crazy and no place for a child to be.

* Park far from the front door and walk to the line. This will make exiting the lot easier and will get you to your next location faster.

* Never bring a purse or wallet. Bring just a Driver’s license and one credit card and keep them in a breast pocket that buttons closed. This will keep you from being pick pocketed (yes it does happen) and will leave your hands free to shop.

* Never get a shopping cart. All a shopping cart will do is slow you down and cause gridlock in the aisles.

* If you MUST get a cart never turn your back on it because people will shop from your cart when you aren’t looking!

* Walk the stores you intend to shop a day or two early so you can get an idea where the items you want will be placed on the big day.

* Work in teams if you can. See which other friends or relatives may be joining in the rush and work together to make lists of the items you all want from different stores. Separate, and have each person do all the shopping at a different store.

* If you see a deal too good to be true, don’t waste your time. The stores never have more than a few and people will be camping out for those items.

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