06 January 2013 ~ Comments Off

A fun idea for serving a snack.

Now this post is part deal and part craft. I stopped into Target this morning and came across the Chinette 8 pack of plastic cut crystal flutes for only .29 cents a box. Now I for one hate to pass up a bargain unless I do not need it or can’t think of a good use for it. When I saw these my head automatically thought “Hey, I can make these into flowers and fill them with Jello (or pudding, ice cream, or even just fill with candies). So naturally I grabbed a bunch to play around with. I came home and took one out of the box and grabbed some construction paper, scissors, and my large round craft punch (the craft punch really isn’t needed I just happened to have it handy).  I punched out 6 orange circles, and 2 green ones from the paper I had. I bent part of the circle down and wrapped it around near the top of the glass. I used some tape on the test glass but you can use hot glue if you prefer. I continued to bend the paper and tape them around the glass slightly overlapping them until all 6 orange circles have been used to make the flower shape. Next I cut the 2 green circles in half and wrapped them piece by piece around the stem.  And viola you have a flower glass! Now fill it with whatever snack you choose and serve it to guests. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to make a big impact and cleanup is a breeze because you just throw them out! Now not all Targets will have these left as they were just stocked for the holidays but you can also find plastic flutes at The Dollar Tree if need be!

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