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Make a centerpiece to fit any theme.

My son’s 6th birthday is just around the corner and wouldn’t you know it he picked out a theme that none of the stores carry anything for. His choice this year, Pokemon. Once it was very popular and you could find stuff everywhere you looked but now it’s died down and unless you order stuff weeks in advance for a pretty penny plus shipping you are out of luck. Or are you? Here is an easy way to make a centerpiece for a party table to fit literally any theme you choose. First head to Dollar Tree and grab one of their small centerpieces. They have sports, flowers and such. I grabbed the sports one because the stars would work well with the Pokemon theme. Next I brought it home and did a google search for pokemon images. Once I found one I liked I saved it to the computer and then went to www.ribbet.com where I saved it in 2 ways. The first was straight on ¬†edited it to say “Happy Birthday Aaron!” , and the second I flipped the image and then edited that one to say “Happy Birthday” as well. The reason is that you will print one on each side of a piece of card stock. Once I printed the picture I lined up the original sports picture with my pokemon one and traced the cut lines on the bottom so that it would fit into the stand like the original picture did. Then I just free cut around the image to give it more character. After I put the new picture in the stand I realized it needed just a little something more so I took a blue sheet of construction paper and took the plastic stand and traced around the nub that the piece slipped over. Then I cut out the hole and made sure it fit over the stand well. Once I did that I folded the paper in half and then in half again and cut it in a curve. Then I cut some slits out so when it was opened it made almost a starburst pattern. I slipped that over the plastic stand and then put the picture back on. Next I took a star shaped craft punch I had (this is optional) and I punched out a bunch of white stars and glued them along the base and in the centers of the metallic stars to make the whole thing more uniform.

Supplies needed for one centerpiece:

one Dollar Tree centerpiece

one sheet cardstock

one sheet construction paper (color of choice)

one sheet white copy paper

glue stick


shaped craft punch (optional)


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