05 January 2013 ~ Comments Off

Target went 90% on Christmas clearance today!!

Target went 90% on holiday clearance today! So get there while the getting is good! I scored some awesome stuff today!

1 foam tree kit
4 rolls of paper
1 table air hockey kit
3cd set of celtic xmas
8 pair men’s boxer briefs
2 pair men’s fleece pj pants
set of 4 flashlights
roll of scotch tape
2 angry birds stockings
deer shaped nut cracker
decorative glass bowl
2 candy dispensers
3 floodlight holders
12 packs of toothpaste & brushes
5 trays of spritz cookies
2 picture frames
1 car cell charger
3 outlet countdown timers
2 digital outlet timers
1 40 foot cord
color your own stocking kit
hands free soap dispenser
emerson LED tripod flashlight.
All for about $49

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