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Do you have life insurance?

I know that you never really want to think about your own death or the death of someone you love but life insurance is one of the most important purchases to make. There comes a time when you have to put on your big girl pants and start thinking like a responsible adult. As a wife and mother to 2 small children I know that if anything were to happen to me my family would be impacted not just emotionally but very badly financially. The price of child care can be through the roof and even though my husband makes a decent living that cost could ruin him. So over the past two weeks I have been calling around from company to company and finally made a decision to go through SelectQuote.com. During all these calls I learned that a nonworking spouse cannot be covered for more than the working spouse is. I also learned that most employers only provide one year salary as a life insurance for workers. Do you know how much you or your spouse are covered for through your employer? Would it be enough to keep your family afloat should the unthinkable happen? I learned over this search that my family would not be alright. After speaking with my husband we both agreed he needed more coverage and I needed to get coverage. We didn’t stop there though. We also got a small whole life plan for both of our children. Why? Well after seeing what happened in Newtown recently and knowing how much it costs for funerals or cremations you just can’t be too careful. The other reason is you just do not know what the future holds. Did you know that if your child develops a disease or has heart troubles they will not be able to get life insurance coverage as an adult? If you get a whole life policy on your child now they will be covered for their whole life no matter what unexpected health issues arise. These are very important issues that you and your family really need to discuss and make sure you have some form of protection put into place.

After calling so many companies I can tell you I chose to use Select Quote because they were able to quote me lower rates than the actual companies offered me on their own. They were also very helpful in helping us figure out how much coverage we should have for our family and also adjusting that to help us stay within our monthly budget. So please go check out www.selectquote.com today and see what is available for your family. You won’t be sorry!

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